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PLEASE NOTE:  We will be out of the office beginning Wednesday, June 21, 2017 and will not return until Wednesday, July 19, 2017.  We will not be able to reply to emails until we return.  Thank you for your patience.

Elisabeth Woodburn, Books, is an antiquarian bookdealership specializing in old and rare books in the fields of horticulture and gardening. We are a mail-order firm and issue both print and electronic catalogues several times a year in such subjects as:
                Wildflowers & Floras                               Herbs & Herbals
                Garden History                                         Flowers
                Landscape & Garden Design                    Fruits & Vegetables
                Trees & Shrubs                                         Botanical Illustration
                Gardens & Gardening                            
Please contact us at Info@woodburnbooks.com if you would like to receive our catalogues or be notified by email when a new catalogue is posted to this site. 

Searching our Inventory
Please Note:  We do not currently have a search function available on our website though we are working on a solution for this.  If you have a search inquiry, though, please contact us directly by email info@woodburnbooks.com) or by phone (609-466-0522) and we will respond to your questions promptly. 
We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Our new Catalogue #24 - FLOWERS - is now available.
            Please click the link below to view it.

Click here to view Catalogue #24 - Flowers
Click here to view Holiday List#1216
Click here to view Catalogue #23 - Garden History
Click here to view Holiday List #1215
_Click here to view Catalogue #22_ General Gardening
Click here to view Catalogue #21 Landscape & Gardens
Click here to view Holiday List #1214
Click here to view List #314
Click here to view List #1013
____Click here to view List #413____ Spring Miscellany
Click here to view Holiday List #1212
Click here to view Catalogue #20 Gardening & Horticulture
___Click here to view List #612___ Summer Miscellany
__Click here to view List #312__ Midwinter Miscellany
___Click here to view List #1011___ Gardens & Flowers
_____Click here to view List #911_____ Fall Miscellany
____Click here to view List #411___ Spring Miscellany
___Click here to view Catalogue #19___ Trees & Shrubs
__Click here to view Catalogue #18__ Wildflowers & Floras
_____Click here to view List #510_____ Rock Gardens & Succulents
Click Here to View List #810 - Horticultural Reference Books
Other Services
We also offer appraisal and collection development services, as well as a free search service for books that are not currently in stock.
One of our chief joys is helping customers develop their book collections, so whether you are new to the field or a seasoned collector, please contact us with any questions or requests that you might have.

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